How To Use Air Compressor To Inflate Tires

Wondering how to use an air compressor to inflate tires? It is not that complicated and there are many reasons why you may want to use it. Many of us have the task of lugging around heavy items whether for work or pleasure. We know how to deflate them, but now we need to know how to inflate them without a lot of work.


There are many things that need to be checked before starting the job. Check tire pressure and then look into buying a compressor. These two things go hand in hand. The tire pressure is important because it tells you how well your tires are working. If they are not properly inflated you may run into problems and the vehicle will not operate as well. Inflating your tires with air compressors can be done very easily if you follow the proper steps.


Before you even attempt to inflate the tires you need to check the air pressure. You may need to add some air to the container or you may have to buy more air because you need it. Check the tire pressure by inflating all of the tires one at a time. This is very important and you will have to pay close attention so you do not make any mistakes when trying to inflate the tires.


You will need to get an air compressor to learn how to use an air compressor to inflate tires. It is going to take some time to learn how to use the compressor and you may have to go to someone who can teach you how to use it. There are many online tutorials that you can use in the comfort of your own home. Just make sure that you read through the tutorial thoroughly before you start the process or you could end up damaging the compressor.


Another good way to learn how to use a compressor is to go through the step by step process with a friend who does not have a compressor for themselves. This way you can learn at your own pace. The first thing you will want to do is change out the air filter in your air compressor. This will help keep harmful bacteria and particles from building up. Also clean off the parts of the compressor that you do not use as often.


The next step in learning how to use an air compressor to inflate tires is putting the air in the tank. You will need to fill the tank up with air until you hear the click sound of the air compressor starting up. Then you need to crank the valve to full while watching the gauge on the air cylinder. This will inflate the air in the tank to the proper air pressure. Make sure you watch the gauge because it can drop very low as well.


The final step in learning how to use an air compressor to inflate tires is to then put the air valve in full and turn it on. You will then need to crank the handle forward to start the pump up process. Once the pump starts up you will then need to deflate the tire. When the air has completely inflated the valve will need to be shut off. After you have completed each step listed above, you will then need to put your new air tube on the tire.


Learning how to use an air compressor to inflate tires is a simple process that does not take much time at all. There are many different types of air compressors that you can use but the most common ones are propane and gas. If you are not sure which one to buy, keep in mind how often you are going to be using it. Gas tends to be the more expensive choice but if you plan on using it more than once or twice a month then gas is your best bet. Air compressors are inexpensive and can be purchased for as little as $30.

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