6 Steps on How to Change Air Compressor Oil

Changing your air compressor oil is not as difficult as you think. It is only a matter of wise decisions and proper things to do so as to achieve successful modification.

If you have a specific type of air compressor and you want to upgrade or modify its oil, then it is advisable that you observe the proper procedures in doing it.

If you are in doubt or you don’t have any idea on how to change it properly and accurately, then it would be better if you will refer to the following steps and considerations:

  1. Determine if your air compressor needs lubrication. There are lots of lower-end compressors that have an oil-less design. In most cases, it would be nice and safe for you if you will assume that the unit that you will purchase in the marketplace does not require any oil change.
  2. Know what particular type of oil to be utilized. It is essential to know the type of oil to be used, especially if you know that your model of lubricated by oil.
  3. Check the instructional manual of the product before you primarily change the oil of the compressor. Manuals along its package provide some basic instructions on how to change it properly. If you misplaced the manual of the product, then you just have to buy oil that is labeled for compressors. Air compressor oil can generally be purchased at hardware stores, local home improvement shops and auto parts retailers.
  4. Turn off the air compressor before you change its oil. It’s better to turn off the unit so as to avoid any risks that may happen during the procedures. However, you don’t have to decompress its tank if you will turn off the whole unit.
  5. Open the drain plug on its bottom part and fully drain the container. You may put the utilized oil in an empty container or you may also take the compressor’s oil to any auto parts shop for disposal.
  6. Once the oil is drained, you may close now the new oil and the plug to its opening fill at the top area. You have to put sufficient oil so that it will reach the marking which signifies that it’s already filled.

Changing the oil on your air compressor should be practiced at least once a year. However, this kind of practice may vary depending on the number of times you run your compressor for your projects. If you always utilize your air compressor, then it is also advisable to change your oil once you notice that it already needs to be changed. You just have to check its condition and normal situation so as to know if it already requires oil modification or not.

Some Tips to Consider when Changing Oil of the Compressor

Aside from those steps and considerations that were mentioned above, it is also good to take and remember these tips below:

  • Always ask your product provider how to do the procedures of changing its oil. As much as possible, you have to ask a list pertaining to its accurate things and steps to observe.
  • You may also ask some experts about this matter, especially if you know that they also have an air compressor at their house.
  • Read some reviews online about air compressors and how to maintain their quality and longevity. There are some suggestions and pieces of advice which many people may provide you.

With these suggestions, tips, and recommendations given to you; it is now expected that you can already change your air compressor oil without any reluctance and difficulty. Just follow the proper ways on how to do it and you will eventually execute it accurately

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