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Top 10 Questions to Take When Purchasing an Air Compressor

If you tend to purchase a specific type of air compressor, then you have to ask yourself some sorts of questions and answer those questions comprehensively so that you can easily find an ideal compressor type that fits your project needs. For you to know the best type of air compressor in the marketplace, then you may refer to the top 10 questions below:

  1.  What is my purpose for using an air compressor? – The first thing that you need to do is to evaluate your work based on your loads. Think first if you will utilize the air compressor tool for such heavy industry usage or for light-duty projects around your house. Once you have already decided your exact purpose of using the compressor, you can easily choose a specific type of tool that would be nice for your projects/jobs/
  2. What is the optimum operating pressure suitable for the job? – In determining your needs in operating pressure, you may also opt for single stage or double stage air compressors. At some point, if you will work on a heavy job, then your compressor should possess more pressure and volume. You have to decide then if a particular tank size you will choose for your job.
  3. What particular type of air compressor which I may use that is suitable for my work requirements? – You may narrow down your selections to a piston air compressor with a tank on it. This type is an ideal choice for some heavy industrial usage that will also work on high types of machine settings. Piston type compressor uses a motor that builds up air pressure. Then, the compressed air will be stored inside the tank. In some instances, you may also opt for a portable air compressor, especially if you will only work on a light-duty project such as a caulking machine or tire-inflating machine.
  4. If I will purchase a piston type of air compressor, then what size of tank should I choose? – Of course, deciding on what particular tank size should you choose depends on your specified usage. Ask yourself if you will utilize it for a small duration only or you will use it for a longer duration for the pressure sustenance. After knowing the usage, then you may also opt for an ideal tank size suitable for your job.
  5. What would be the best HP for an air compressor?HP motor of an air compressor varies from one another. For lesser heavy utilization, you have to utilize an air compressor with 1.5-6.5 HP. If you will use it for industrial purposes, then you have to utilize an air compressor with more than 6.5 HP.
  6. What should be the CFM requirement of an air compressor? – For you to determine the best value of it, then you should add all your air tools to be utilized together. Then, you have to increase at least 30% to its final CFM number. Always make sure that you don’t get the CFM inflated value and decide again to buy an extra huge type of it.
  7. What particular drive system type should I purchase? – In doing projects at home, you may also choose to use an electric motor’s drive system, especially if you have a strong backup of power. If not, its drive system must be the engine’s gasoline. This will give you usage flexibility and more mobility.
  8. Where will I use it – in a fixed place or on-site? ­– Are you working in a fixed workplace or you oftentimes use it from one place to another. If you answer this kind of question, then you may also determine if what type of compressor (non-portable or portable) you should select.
  9. Do I have enough space in my working area? – Enough space in your working area is another indicator that you need to consider when purchasing an air compressor. Of course, you have to choose a tool that would not maximize your working area. If you have a small area at home, then you may opt for a small and portable machine.
  10. What is my allocated budget? – Knowing your budget for a particular price of the product is really important so as to choose a high-quality tool based on your allocated budget. In buying a compressor, you should compare prices at different companies and see to it that you will buy an affordable product based on your product requirements and quality.

With these questions that we have listed above, you can now have an assurance that picking the right type of compressor is just so easy.  You can now have an assurance that picking the right type of compressor is just so easy. You don’t have to worry about choosing the right one for you despite the various selections available in the market.

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